Office Dressing

I miss being in an office, sad isn’t it? I liked putting lipstick on, doing my hair and being all fabulously fashionable. The heels under the desk, the hair spray and tooth-brush in the desk draw. I see office workers every day and they just can’t work it the same way fashion-folk do. It’s not about trainers with your suit on the train (ever), it’s not about practical wool-blends and machine washable shirts. All hail the silk shirt, the pointed courts, the cigarette pant – that’s the right way to dress for an office. I found these images on pinterest and thought we all need a bit of inspiration this Monday morning.

35817759506747565_gmfn42na_c 68539225548526270_owplng2y_c 93942342198302596_iapytjj6_c 96334879499389143_4plsdiow_c 126311964519457554_dlvr6sjn_c 133841420147221284_mkq5ozci_c 142356038192058249_lkukwnjv_c 188377196884704640_lsi03rmp_c 188377196884704792_5r0ptwgm_c 286189751290932335_ao6x18vw_c


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