Open Wardrobe

I love the idea of an open wardrobe. In fact I have one, but it’s a little bit more of an accident…as I don’t have a wardrobe. But semi-neat rails in the spare room double up as a walk in wardrobe. Can tick that one of the list then…

If I was going to make a proper open wardrobe, one that looks good and like it’s meant to be there, I would totally be inspired by this.lefashionbloginteriordesignhomeinspirationclosetopenclosetsscandinavianswedishminimalracksornategoldgildedwallmirrorleaningninabergstenstarplefashionbloginteriordesignhomeinspirationclosetopenclosetsscandinavianswedishminimalracksornateceilingbrightlampswhiteglobelightlightingelllefashionbloginteriordesignhomeinspirationclosetopenclosetsscandinaviannorwayswedishminimalracksstackedwallunityvonnewilhelmsenornatewhitegi265712446734908615_4ldp3ksr_c186547609536048368_hjcmqqfi_c


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